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Broadcast Media work completed for Various Agencies


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Scene Assembly, Lighting, Compositing

Here are some animation frames from shots I completed at Blur in January 2012 for the UFC on FOX titles. I was responsible for assembling and rendering characters, props, environments and atmospheric FX assets created by the other departments at Blur.

I started from a great look development master file created by the CG supervisor, which contained all of the environment assets, master lighting and a master fusion comp. I made final lighting and some minor shader adjustments on the “Logo” shots. I implemented client notes, rendered and composited 8 shots for the Show.

Uncle Bens Office

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Here’s a progress frame of a set that Austin and I completed for Hornet Studios back in June, 2011. This was an office set that was used on another 30 second spot for Uncle Bens Ready Rice. Unlike the previous Uncle Bens post, the render shown reflects our work without any changes from Hornet. I was responsible for textures, shaders and lighting and Austin did all of the modeling. We worked in Maya and rendered with Vray.

Uncle Bens Spots

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I was able to put my love for creating toys in cg to work for 2 Spots for Uncle Bens Rice. I was responsible for modeling, shaders and preliminary lighting for dining room sets to be used in the campaign. My teammate Austin Hernandez did the majority of the modeling for the sets, and I focused on UV mapping, texture mapping, shaders, lighting and modeling key props. We worked in Maya and Vray.

Austin and I created the initial models and shaders then our work was revised by the team at Hornet per further creative direction as reflected in these renderings.  It was very fun to work with Hornet Studios and their talented team on this project. Above are some final style frames and the U.S. Spot “Take Off”.