Dishonored 2 Cinematic

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Here is the Dishonored 2 Cinematic I worked on at Blur Studio in 2015. I was one of 2 Scene Assembly Leads on the show and was responsible for leading all of the interior scenes as well as modeling, Look Development, Lighting and Compositing.

Environment Modeling

I modeled the Office, Stairwell and transforming Atrium. I also modeled and rigged the layout model for the transforming atrium, defining how the room would transform from the vestibule to the massive atrium. Heikki Anttila modeled and animated a second level of detail and animation in the atrium adding gadgets, pulleys and other mechanisms that would make the transformation physically possible. He also refined the animation to its final state.

Look Development

I did all of the Look Development (Shaders, Lighting and Compositing) for these interior environments and created the master 3d and compositing shots.

Lighting and Compositing 

The Lighting and Compositing team was very small for this cinematic, Myself, Gary Christian (the other SA Lead) and Daryl Johnson (SA Artist). That being that case, the 3 of us completed all of the shots seen in this cinematic. I was responsible for final grading for the show.


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