ElderScrolls Arrival Cinematic

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Here are some animation frames from shots I completed at Blur in May 2013 for the Elder Scrolls Arrival Game Cinematic.

WATCH IT HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVMNQozxqos

Environment Modeling

As a Lead Environment Artist on this show, I was tasked with modifying all of the existing models created for the Elder Scrolls Alliances Cinematic to be solid air tight models that could be destroyed all together. Some of which I created and other models created by Darren Butler, Oliver Vernay-Kim and Chris Grimm. This was a very time consuming task, because I had to test the models with rayfire during the modeling process to make sure the FX department wouldn’t have any issues down the line. I also had to extend the existing models for some of the very wide camera angles.

Zbrush was instrumental in the process of “dynameshing” models together to create solid models and decimating them down to production friendly poly counts. I worked closely with FX Supervisor Brandon Riza to make sure the Final models were ready for simulation.

Look development

Darren Butler and I, working under the direction of CG supervisor Jed Denjean and Director Dave Wilson, created 4 Look Dev Environments corresponding to different story beats in the cinematic. Master Lighting setup and Final Color grading was done by CG Supervisor Jed Denjean.

Lighting, Compositing, and Scene Assembly

Once all of the assets from the other departments at Blur were approved (Characters, Animation and FX assets) I assembled the shots, implemented client notes, rendered and composited the shots I was assigned for the Show.


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