Category: Personal Projects

Creating art strictly for the fun of it between production work

Kung Fu Space Monkey


This personal project was inspired by a crazy little toy Space Monkey that was hanging around our office. Not even sure whose it was originally. I decided it was missing something….KUNG FU. So I modeled it in Maya and added a utility belt with some banana nun-chucks and a twist tie head band. After modeling I decided to setup a skeleton and rig the model to make it easier to pose. Rendered with Vray for Maya.

Professional Bio

I’ve been working in the CG industry for some 15 years now. Much of my time has been spent working on and art directing architectural visualization projects for various companies in Southern California.

In 2011 I grew tired of the budgetary and creative constraints of the architectural industry. I wanted to create images that would fulfill my desire to create art. I wanted to contribute to the art of telling stories through animation. Most of all I just wanted to have fun and work hard simultaneously. So I said goodbye to architecture, and got hired at Blur Studio.

I’ve been working as a staff scene assembler at Blur Studio in Venice, CA since October 2011. The job includes environment modeling, lighting and compositing. I’ve spent the last year or so working on game cinematics, commercials and Film projects.

I’m a CG Generalist with a focus on photo-realistic environment modeling, shaders, lighting and compositing. Although I love to dabble in hard surface characters and design work. The tools I use are 3ds Max, Maya, Vray, Mental Ray, Fusion (all sorts of plug-ins for the 3d apps) Most Adobe Products (Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Illustrator, etc…) and After Effects plug-ins (Gen Arts Sapphire, Frischluft Lens Care, Magic Bullet, etc…)

15 years of architectural visualization experience have given me a solid foundation for environment design, composition, and photorealistic lighting techniques. Also, having led several projects and artist over the years, I’ve gained a strong technical background, and have the ability to work comfortably on large and small teams.

photos by cuban sandwich



Backlit Stars-01

Backlit Stars-02

Modeling, Materials, Lighting, and Composition

I was exploring some back lit materials and ended up creating this rendering featuring these star lanterns I designed. I used vray 2 sided materials to achieve this look in render. This ones me start to finish.