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Thor – The Dark World VFX Breakdown


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Here is a VFX breakdown of Blur’s work on the film Thor, The Dark World created By CG Supervisor Kevin Margo.

I was an Environment/Lighting/Compositing lead on the show. I was responsible for leading the shots in the CG Battlefield. My assignment was to design the environment based on reference from the onset photography and various concept images created at Blur, and create the lighting and Look development for the all CG ground level battle sequence. This included interactive lighting for the bifrost beam, falling embers, atmosphere, and laser crossfire.

I worked closely with CG supervisor Kevin Margo while creating the layout environment for the all CG battlefield. I used world machine to design the layout model so I could easily generate higher resolution versions of the environment for production. Once the layout model was approved, I led several talented Blur teammates in sculpting various portions of the massive environment. Some using Lidar data from the set, while others sculpted from scratch.

I  also sculpted several assets in Zbrush, and created shaders for the world machine generated environment I created. Once all of the assets that comprise the Environment were completed, I assembled the final environment file using tools like forest pack to mass populate rocks, pebbles and weeds.

I created the Master 3d and compositing files, and led a team of Scene Assemblers to the completion of the shots in that environment. During Scene Assembly several teammates helped to further the look of the shots by adding various elements like glowing sword effects and explosions in the sky.

I also completed several shots on the show. This was a fast paced exciting experience and I’m proud of the work Blur did on this Film. The team at Blur is truly amazing and I’m always humbled to work with such passionate artists.

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An Interview with Blur Studio

The guys at Chaos Group did a Studio Spotlight on Blur Studio and how we use Vray recently. Having used Vray for over a decade, I was honored to be part of it. Special thanks to Chris Nichols, and Lons Grohs for coming down and rapping with us! We were stoked to get a hold of Vray 3 and are very happy with all of the enhancements in the new version. Vlado and his team are ass kickers!

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