Planet Side 2 Game Cinematic

ja_planetside2_01 ja_planetside2_02 ja_planetside2_03 ja_planetside2_04

Here are some animation frames from shots I completed at Blur in March 2012 for the Planet Side 2 Game Cinematic.


Environment Modeling

I created the environment for the drop pod interior vehicle. I used a combination of existing components and elements I modeled to create the interior of the ship . Mike Johnson modeled the ships doors. I worked closely with the CG Supervisor, Corey Butler to create an environment that fit the art direction and story.

Look development

Look Development was starting by the CG sup, and I refined the lighting approach, render passes, compositing methods and color grading for the shots shown here as the show progressed. I also created several interactive lighting passes animated in fusion to create the chaotic lighting during the shots.

Lighting, Compositing, and Scene Assembly

Once all of the assets from the other departments at Blur were approved (Characters, Animation and FX assets) I assembled the shots, implemented client notes, rendered and composited the shots I was assigned for the Show. I also helped out on some other shots, but the images here I was most responsible for.

Tools and Team

CG Sup Corey Butler was awesome to work with. Clear direction and lots of  help along the way. I used 3dsMax, Vray, Fusion, Photoshop, Gen Arts Sapphire….

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