Bioshock Infinite Cinematic

ja_bioshock_infinite_005 ja_bioshock_infinite_006

Here are some frames from an environment model I completed at Blur in November 2012 for the Bioshock Infinite Game Cinematic.

Environment Modeling

I started from building models created for a previous bioshock cinematic. My assignment was to take the lower resolution assets and recreate high resolution detailed versions of these buildings. I created several windows, corbels and other architectural details in Zbrush and added all of the fine detail needed for the 2k show. I also created several banners and flags using cloth simulation in 3ds Max. Lastly, I created new shaders for all of the assets.

Look development

As an Environment/Lighting/Compositing lead on the show, I was tasked with creating different looks and Lighting conditions during look development. I explored different times of day, weather condition’s and subtle shifts in grading. I also setup atmospherics and lens effects. Look Development is always my favorite part of the show.

Tools and Team

It was great working with Darren Butler on this show . I used 3dsMax, Zbrush, Vray, Fusion, Photoshop, Gen Arts Sapphire, Optic Flares, FumeFX…

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