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Scene Assembly, Lighting, Compositing

Here are some animation frames from shots I completed at Blur in January 2012 for the UFC on FOX titles. I was responsible for assembling and rendering characters, props, environments and atmospheric FX assets created by the other departments at Blur.

I started from a great look development master file created by the CG supervisor, which contained all of the environment assets, master lighting and a master fusion comp. I made final lighting and some minor shader adjustments on the “Logo” shots. I implemented client notes, rendered and composited 8 shots for the Show.


Wood Concept

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Here are some concept frames I produced for an animation project. I wanted to tell the story of a development project thru the use of a practical photo studio and handmade wood models photographed in the stop motion style. I drew some outlines of trees and buildings and create 3d models from them to give the messy feel. Modeled in 3dsMax and rendered with Vray.

Just Because

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Every now and then I create an image just because. The first image was emulating a night scene built from painted foam core. The second is a paper/button flower in a thimble flower pot. Like I said….just because.

Robot Characters

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Here are some characters I’ve been working on for a personal project. The project features robots and these are some work in progress renders. The bigger robot is made to look like a 50′s tin toy while the smaller robot is made to look like a homemade doll using mostly painted wood and simple hinges. I used Maya and vray for this project.

Uncle Bens Office

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Here’s a progress frame of a set that Austin and I completed for Hornet Studios back in June, 2011. This was an office set that was used on another 30 second spot for Uncle Bens Ready Rice. Unlike the previous Uncle Bens post, the render shown reflects our work without any changes from Hornet. I was responsible for textures, shaders and lighting and Austin did all of the modeling. We worked in Maya and rendered with Vray.


Interior Virtual Tour

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I was recently tasked with updating Focus360’s residential home virtual tour lighting rig to achieve a more photo-realistic result. Here are a few images from the model I used as the prototype. I designed room schemes using content from both existing models from our library as well as some custom props I modeled and textured. I also created a “Backyard Set” for what we see out the windows. I decided to go with 3d geometry for the set for added realism. After I finished these images, I packed up all of the elements necessary to recreate this result and created some instruction documents for the team to implement on future jobs.

Atruim Design Review

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 Here are a few renderings I created at Focus360 in February 2011. I had approximately 3 days to execute camera setup, lighting, shaders and post using models from an outsource team. This was a quick project, but for the time I spent I was happy with the result. I used 3DS Max and Vray. I ended up using vray sun and sky with a vraycomptex with an hdr to add some clouds to the sky. I also used exposure and in camera depth of field.

Kung Fu Space Monkey


This personal project was inspired by a crazy little toy Space Monkey that was hanging around our office. Not even sure whose it was originally. I decided it was missing something….KUNG FU. So I modeled it in Maya and added a utility belt with some banana nun-chucks and a twist tie head band. After modeling I decided to setup a skeleton and rig the model to make it easier to pose. Rendered with Vray for Maya.

Uncle Bens Spots

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I was able to put my love for creating toys in cg to work for 2 Spots for Uncle Bens Rice. I was responsible for modeling, shaders and preliminary lighting for dining room sets to be used in the campaign. My teammate Austin Hernandez did the majority of the modeling for the sets, and I focused on UV mapping, texture mapping, shaders, lighting and modeling key props. We worked in Maya and Vray.

Austin and I created the initial models and shaders then our work was revised by the team at Hornet per further creative direction as reflected in these renderings.  It was very fun to work with Hornet Studios and their talented team on this project. Above are some final style frames and the U.S. Spot “Take Off”.


6 Mile Development Part 1

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As I continue to look for new ways to tell the story of large scale development projects at Focus360, I found myself challenged to visually convey this unique 6 mile long development in a fun but informative way. In the end I chose to tell the “macro” story in the style of a series of toy like sets. I felt like the simplistic sets would help convey the points made in the narration of the animation project clearly. Using the experience of a young boy seeing the project for the first time and taking photos as his parents drove along the length of the project gave us the vehicle to explore different amenities. Artie Tan and Brent Chase created the treatment and script for this project.

I created all of the storyboards and preliminary animatic blockout scenes for the 60 some shots in this 4 plus minute video. I edited the video from animatic to completion and completed several shots as well.

With the help of Mike Gentile’s technical direction, I was able to lead Jeff Cole’s video production team in capturing the practical footage of our stories live action characters. I also directed all of the CG shots to completion. Project artists included Austin Hernandez, Mike Gentile and Chris Moran. This was a huge undertaking for me but in the end I was very pleased with all the hard work the team put in.

As usual, Vray was the render engine of choice. Thank you Vlado and the Chaosgroup team for creating such a great render engine. (And all of the free drinks at your events)  I love being able to iterate quickly with a dirty brute force preset to get shots on the timeline and see if it’s all working together.  No other render engine I’ve used comes close to getting physically acurate photorealistic shaders to render in production appropriate render times. Above are some frames from the animation.

Project Team: Brent Chase-Project Direction, James Atilano – Art Direction+Animation+Modeling+Lighting+Compositing+Editing, Arty Tan – Treatment/Script, Mike Gentile – Technical Direction+Tracking+Roto+Keying +Compositing, Chris Moran – Animation+Modeling+Lighting, Austin Hernandez – Animation+Modeling+Lighting, Keith Morrison – Scripting,

Programs Used: Vray+3DS Max+Photoshop+After Effects+Premiere+Gen Arts Saphire +Frishluft Lens Care…